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Abd Ar-Rahim Al-Hajj Muhammad St. 41

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Experience Jordan Adventures, is an inbound tour operator specializing in adventure and experiential tours in Jordan, offering a variety of unique travel experiences, including hiking, biking, cultural, adventurer and experiential sightseeing tours. Customized tours: We provide tailored tours to suit our client's specific interests and needs. We can customize itineraries to focus on cultural sites, adventure activities or a combination of both. Responsible and sustainable tourism: We are committed to responsible tourism practices, which include supporting local communities, protecting the environment and preserving cultural heritage. Hiking and trekking: We offer various hiking and trekking tours, including parts of the famous Jordan Trail, which spans more than 650 km from the north to the south of the country. Other hiking options include day hikes and multi-day treks through the diverse landscapes of Jordan. Cycling tours: We provide guided cycling tours that cover various distances and difficulty levels. Cultural experiences: We also emphasize the importance of cultural immersion, arranging tours to significant sites like Petra, Wadi Rum, and Jerash, as well as experiences like cooking classes, homestays, and visits to local workshops.


Abd Ar-Rahim Al-Hajj Muhammad St. 41

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