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The Gargano Slow Consortium was born in August 2022 to enhance and improve the tourist offer in the Gargano area. Since its creation, the Consortium has been animated by a clear vision: to implement a wide-ranging provincial tourism-accommodation system, putting "networking" resources, know-how and marketing strategies of the highest possible number of companies to stimulate and improve the relationship between tourist demand and offer in all periods of the year and create a close relationship between the tourist segments of the Garganici on the one hand, and all the other economic activities of the territory that in some way can contribute in a synergistic way to making the complex grow tourism system. The Mission of Gargano Slow is to coordinate the activities of the consortium tourism companies in order to improve their production capacity, efficiency and annual and seasonal results. Those who want to visit the Gargano without doing without all the services can, thanks to our Consortium, have professional guides available, itineraries planned or tailor-made according to their needs, or even the possibility of renting from a simple bicycle to a car. , to the bus, to the boats etc.

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Via Anna Freaud, 5

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