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Ancient sites tell the stories of Roman emperors, Nabatean kings, and Crusader castles perch on strategic hilltops. But besides history, the Kingdom of Jordan is packed to the brim with cultural and natural heritage. Adding the endless possibilities for adventure makes Jordan a Mediterranean destination begging to be discovered. Experience Jordan’s adventure treasures. 

Lush green nature reserves in the north, an unearthly red desert in the south, vibrant cities, the super-salty waters of the Dead Sea, sparkling sweet springs of the wadis, and the coral-cladded turquoise waters of the Red Sea. You can safely say that Jordan has it all for hikers, bikers, climbers, birders, foodies, and everyone else in search of a Mediterranean adventure.

Why choose Jordan?

  • Diverse landscapes: Impressive desert landscapes with oasis, forests, mountains, and coastline.
  • In the west, a highland area of arable land and Mediterranean evergreen forest that drops into the Jordan Rift Valley, which contains the lush riverbeds of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. The mountainous region in the northwest is cloaked in forest, while further south and east the vegetation becomes scrubbier and steppe.
  • 26 km of rather built-up coastline on the Gulf of Aqaba, but a very rich underwater ecosystem with 500 species of corals and over 1,200 species of fish.
  • Strong system of protected areas with ecotourism infrastructure: 13 protected areas, including one wetland reserve conserving a unique oasis, many small forest nature reserves with mountainous terrain, one canyon reserve with freshwater streams, the biggest nature reserve (Dana) sweeps down in a series of mountain ridges from a 1,500m high plateau to the desert plains, and the Wadi Rum desert wilderness with huge mountains and broad sandy wadis.
  • 650 km Jordan Trail from north to south passing through 52 villages, 730 km Jordan Bike Trail crossing the country, RSCN hiking trails in the nature parks (mostly guided), and Jordan Eco Park.
  • Rich cultural heritage: 6 World Heritage Sites, many religious sites (e.g. Mount Nebo, Sea of Galilee), Roman, Greek and Medieval Arab architecture, and the ancient Nabataean city of Petra.
  • Local products and living traditions: Bedouin tribes, traditional handcrafts with new designs – silver crafts, pottery, textiles, and culinary experiences.

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Jordan has it all!

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A bright, sustainable star shines in the heart of Jordan’s Dana Biosphere Reserve. A regenerative paradise perfected by the visionary Nabil Tarazi. Check-in at Feynan Ecolodge and check out of the cluttered world we live in today