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Lebanon: Where you can ski and swim in the same day

Offering diverse landscapes from the verdant high mountains of the Mount Lebanon range to gorgeous Mediterranean Sea coastline, this is a year-round destination for adventure travelers who want to get off-the-beaten-path. Exploration abounds on the ski slopes, through cedar forests, in limestone caves and with ancient Roman ruins. This country values its nature and has 15 nature reserves, the Jabal Moussa UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and even a network of authentic hiking trails based on an ancestral footpath network to help you slow travel. Whether you wish to stay in a traditional hotel or prefer to wild camp or overnight in a mountain monastery, the warm, proud people of Lebanon are ready to receive you.

Why choose Lebanon?

  • Diverse landscapes: (1) Lebanon mountain range (up to 3088m, carved by narrow and deep gorges, crossed by dense forests, protected in seven different nature reserves), (2) Anti-Lebanon mountain range (steep slopes, sparsely populated and developed).
    • 225 km coastline in the north with mountainous and rocky coast and in the south preserved sandy beaches (Tyre Nature Park), in between big cities and many privatized and built-up beaches.
  • Beqaa valley (fertile soil, traditional agriculture – tomatoes, olives, grapes etc., scattered with farms and small villages, wineries, Roman temples).
  • Hiking trail infrastructure: 470 km-long Lebanon mountain trail, and many hiking trails scattered all over the country.
  • 15 nature reserves, most of them in the Lebanon mountain range, covering forest, one coastal nature reserve, and one island nature reserve.
  • Rich cultural heritage: ancient cities, with architecture going back to the Romans, Phoenicians, Ottomans, and French, as well as post-independence developments.
  • Culinary experiences: Lebanese food is considered one of the most popular Middle Eastern cuisines – the sophistication and finesse of European cuisine with the exotic aromas of Middle Eastern
  • Traditional handicrafts, still practised today – glass blowing, ceramics, jewellery, delicately embroidered textiles, and garments woven with gold and silver thread.

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Check out these regions in Lebanon

Chouf – three Biosphere reserves

Under Ottoman rule, Maasser el Chouf was famous for its vineyards, used in wine and Arak distilleries, and mulberry orchards, which were a crucial component of silk worm farming. Its Biosphere reserves will quickly beckon you into the surrounding countryside.

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Bsharri – an inspiring natural wonderland

Hometown of Kahlil Gibran who wrote The Prophet, Bsharri is also famous for being the town of the only remaining and preserved original Cedars of God (Cedrus libani). It is an inland destination with the highest peak in Lebanon, the Kornet el Sawda summit which offers incredible panoramic mountain views.

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Nabil Tarazi – Owner Feynan Eco Lodge

Feynan EcoLodge:
A regenerative oasis

A bright, sustainable star shines in the heart of Jordan’s Dana Biosphere Reserve. A regenerative paradise perfected by the visionary Nabil Tarazi. Check-in at Feynan Ecolodge and check out of the cluttered world we live in today