Akkar - discover the Megalithic era on riverside hikes 


This wild and sparsely populated region in the northernmost part of Lebanon has natural landscapes from coastal plains to high mountains.

Akkar at a glance

    • The northernmost part of Lebanon with landscapes from coastal plains to high mountains
    • Richest natural attractions and forest diversity
    • Hiking opportunities including a trail to discover the Megalithic era of the region with overnights 

A little-known natural playground home to largest green space in Lebanon

Filled wIth fresh air, clear skies, waterfalls and an extensive network of walking paths to keep you busy for weeks, this region is ideal for hikers. Known for its tree diversity, the Qamouaa plain and the iron oak forest here is the biggest forest reserve in Lebanon and has over 10 million trees of 46 different species, including junipers and cedars. Far from saturated tourism, in laid-back Akkar you can immerse yourself by wild camping or with a stay at a monastery. 

“Far from saturated tourism, in laid-back Akkar you can immerse yourself by wild camping or with a stay at a monastery”

Hiking opportunities take you through time

Menjez, a village in Akkar, is the biggest necropolis of Megalithic tombs in the country, with 87 having only been recently discovered. Estimates suggest that the structure dates back to the fourth century BC. Explore this area on foot, hiking through fields of olive trees and along the Nahr le-Kebir river, overnighting along the way either camping or at rural guesthouses. 

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