Batroun - a climbing mecca where you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains in a matter of minutes


Photo by Jean Hatem

Located 50km north of Beirut, this small ancient city offers simple outdoor pleasures of hiking, rock climbing, and relaxing days at the beach.

Batroun at a glance

    • Many hiking trail, such as Douma, Bechaleh
    • Big rock climbing sector in Tanourine
    • Sea,  wind and cycling activities at the coastal area
    • Destination for water sports adventure lovers
Batroun, Lebanon, 2021.  Batroun from top. Photo by Jonathon Dagher /
Photo by Jean Hatem

Many hiking trails alongside refreshing water sources

In Batroun you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains in a matter of a few minutes. Just 11 km from town is an easy, picturesque trail along the aptly named Walnut River that is lined with walnut trees. Alternatively, experienced hikers can start at the village of Rashkida and continue to the Beksmayya Bridge before ascending to Kfarhay where the monastery of St. Maroun is located. There is a ton of water to enjoy here, including the Daleh, El Ghawawit and El Toufah Springs (pack a picnic with a bottle of wine from one of the local vineyards that have completely sustainable practices). 

“Tannourine el Tahta is the climbing capital of Lebanon for professional and beginner climbers”

Tannourine is the sport climbing capital of Lebanon

180 bolted climbing routes amongst 12 crags are now installed here and rock climbers are welcomed all year round to enjoy this extreme sport. Tannourine el Tahta is the climbing capital of Lebanon for professional and beginner climbers for many reasons, including ideal topography and moderate climate. Fuel back up after a big climb at one of the many nearby cafes along the Nahr el Joz river.

A coastal area filled with sea and wind activities

A destination for water sports adventure lovers, the crystal clear waters of Batroun can be enjoyed from a number of beach resorts. The area’s prime surfing and bodyboarding spot is Blue Bay, while Wite Beach, named for its white-pebbled waterfront, has the best windsurfing in the area. Most Batrounis sail, and diving is also possible here. If you are feeling less active, simply enjoy the sun and relax while watching the waves crash in. 

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