Ehden - wild and rugged hiking, biking, snowshoeing and backcountry skiing through the mountains


Photo by Mark Frangie

Ehden has intense winters perfect for snowshoeing and backcountry skiing and mild summers ideal for hiking or biking through the forests that this area is known for.

Ehden at a glance

    • A summer town destination in the mountains
    • Hiking trail network in Ehden nature reserve
    • Guided or self-guided biking at the reserve
    • Paragliding, snowshoeing & backcountry skiing 

Slowly meander your way through tranquil old growth forest

The Horsh Ehden Natural Reserve is on the upper northwestern slopes of Mount Lebanon. Ranging in altitude from 1200m to 2000m, the quiet forests here are filled with juniper, fir and the country’s last protected community of wild apple trees, with bordering patches of cedar. During a peaceful hike through the forest, lucky visitors might spot an endangered Eastern Imperial Eagle or Bonelli’s Eagle, a gray wolf, or even a wildcat from afar. 

Get to know the reserve by bike

Whether you need a guide and a rental bike, or you bring your own and just want to move around at your own pace, the Horsh Ehden Natural Reserve is very bike-friendly. Cool off after an exhilarating ride on a hot summer’s day at one of many water sources, the most important of which are Ain Al-Naasa, Nabaa Jouït and Ain Al-Baiada. On your ride, keep an eye out for over 1,058 plant species that have been recorded in the reserve – they account for nearly 40% of all the plant species in Lebanon!

“Keep an eye out for over 1,058 plant species that have been recorded”

Get wild in winter 

While many locals move lower down the mountains for the long winter months, snow bunnies will enjoy taking advantage of snowshoeing and backcountry skiing. Instead of hitting up a busy ski resort, imagine snowshoeing in silence with no one around through a dark green forest of fir with the ground blanketed in white. And a place as wild and snowy as Ehden was seemingly made for backcountry skiing.

Rudi Issa

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