Keserwan - impressive tourism infrastructure including the most developed ski resort in the Middle East


The most visited tourism district in Lebanon, Keserwan stretches from the coast to the mountains and is home to the world-famous Jabal Moussa UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Keserwan at a glance

    • Stretching from the coast to the mountains, has Jabal Moussa UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
    • Numerous hiking opportunities, including trails in the biosphere reserve
    • Skiing and other snow activities at the most developed ski resort in the Middle East
    • Agritourism in the region
Keserwan, Lebanon, 2021. Hiking in the mountains of Keserwan.

A hiker’s paradise 

Keserwan has 160 km of hiking trails within areas including the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, the Lebanon Mountain Trail, Wadi el Salib, Faraya and Kfardebiane highland, Chahtoul, Hiyata, Darb el Qamar and Darb el Sama. The Biosphere Reserve has lots of natural scenery including mountains, a river and a lake. The mountains are home to more than 130 bird species including the western-rock nuthatch, white stork, long-legged buzzard and the blue tit, with hills of hop-hornbeam, wild apple, manna ash and Syrian juniper trees. 

“Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve has lots of natural scenery including mountains, a river and a lake”

Ski the most developed resort in the Middle East

Mzaar Ski Resort is Lebanon’s finest ski resort with more than 80 km of ski runs. Just one hour from Beirut, it has also been developed for snowshoeing, skidoo and zipline, making it a winter sport mecca in the region. 

Connect with local culture through agritourism 

Because Keserwan is used to receiving tourism, there is a wide range of accommodations available including hotels, lodges, campsites, and monasteries. But to really get a feel for local culture, consider a stay at one of many rural guest houses that can help give you a unique inside view into the rich agricultural life here. 

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