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The Mediterranean Adventures brand promotes sustainable adventure tourism activities and experiences that showcase the natural and cultural features of undiscovered parts of Catalonia, Puglia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia. 

Mediterranean Adventures aims to assist local tourism enterprises (you) in becoming more competitive, attracting more tourists, and helping local communities.

The Partner Program assists local tourism enterprises within the Mediterranean Region by promoting their businesses through the Mediterranean Adventures platform ( and brand. 

The platform:

Promotes the best and most intriguing adventure tourism experiences and activities in undiscovered parts of the Mediterranean.

Connects adventure tourism travelers with you and your products. 

Is an extra point of sales for you to provide you with leads.

There are quite a few. For instance:

 Having a more robust market positioning in the international travel market through joint marketing activities

Better recognition as a sustainable adventure tourism operator, service provider, or DMO in the Mediterranean.

Boosting your business reputation through co-marketing and branding

Having access to broader and more specialized international target markets.

Being part of a network of sustainable adventure tourism businesses and finding the right partners to create joint cross-border products and marketing activities.

Having access to an Information Repository (destination reports, benchmark studies, Mediterranean Adventures branding content, photo and video gallery)

You’ll have a partner (Mediterranean Adventures) who actively promotes adventure tourism in the Mediterranean Region, especially those regions that are less known to travelers.

Ultimately, the platform aims to encourage cross-border partnerships and involvement of a wide range of actors in new destinations, showcase new and innovative tourism products, and attract a broad spectrum of visitors throughout the entire year.

You can enter the Partner Program of Mediterranean Adventures if you comply with the following criteria:

Your business is registered in either Catalonia, Puglia, Jordan, Lebanon, or Tunisia.
You have a specific adventure tourism product to offer and have that product visible on your website.
You offer at least one adventure tourism program, including two overnight stays or one full-day adventure itinerary.
You promote and sell activities and products using local experiences and integrate the local communities.
You have proof of having participated in at least one sustainable tourism capacity-building measure.
You promote adventure tourism activities, of which 80% are soft adventure experiences, like, e.g. hiking, biking or trekking, etcetera.
You promote the authenticity and natural and cultural highlights of Catalunya, Puglia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia.
In addition, you need to be an established business. When registering, you will be required to upload your business license.

Follow these steps to become a partner of Mediterranean Adventures and offer activities on the platform:

Step 1  

Click on ‘Sign in’ (in the menu). A pop-up will now open.  

Step 2  

Go to the ‘Register’ tab and fill out the requested information.

Step 3  

Click on your username in the top menu, click on ‘Update Profile’ and fill out all the company profile details. From your dashboard: click on ‘Profile’ and fill out the company details. 

Step 4 

When all data has been entered correctly, and a PDF of your business license has been uploaded, you can proceed to add your first activity. The platform administrator will approve the activity after the information has been checked and your application has been approved. You will get notified by email.

Step 1

Click on ‘Add Activity’ in the top right menu of your dashboard menu and fill in all the activity details.

Always enter the latitude and longitude where the activity takes place so we can display it on the map. Check the latitude and longitude by entering an address on this website:

Step 2

When all data has been entered, click on save and preview.

Step 3

Your activity will be published after approval. You will be notified by email.

If you have any problems, please contact us.

  • – Media gallery filled with rights-free videos and photos to use in your marketing.
  • – Destination reports & Benchmark studies.
  • – Handbooks for marketing and promotion.
  • – Mediterranean Adventures branded content, like badges and flyers.
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