Bsharri – an inspiring natural wonderland

Hometown of Kahlil Gibran who wrote The Prophet, Bsharri is also famous for being the town of the only remaining and preserved original Cedars of God (Cedrus libani). It is an inland destination with the highest peak in Lebanon, the Kornet el Sawda summit which offers incredible panoramic mountain views.

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Gargano National Park

This coastal destination in the north is just 1 hour drive from Bari and rewards visitors with some of the oldest trees in Italy (Aleppo pines) and islands surrounded by crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. Covering over 120,000 hectares, there are endless options to explore on land and water.

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Medenine governorate

This intriguing part of the country stretches from the Djerba coastline to the Dahar mountains, and like Gabes is also known for its rich Berber heritage.

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Baix Ebre

The rural district of Baix Ebre has a little of everything; impressive mountain landscapes in the Els Ports Natural Park, greenways for cycling, birdwatching in the Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park and plenty of chances to get out on the water by canoe or sea and river kayak.

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Irbid Governorate: The Green North

Green oak tree forests, lakes, blue waterfalls, and historical relics. It’s not the first scene that comes into mind when thinking of Jordan. But you may expect this in the Irbid Governorate in northwestern Jordan.

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Feynan EcoLodge: A regenerative oasis 

A bright, sustainable star shines in the heart of Jordan’s Dana Biosphere Reserve. A regenerative paradise perfected by the visionary Nabil Tarazi. Check-in at Feynan Ecolodge and check out of the cluttered world we live in today.

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