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Tunisia: A perfect blend of gentle mountains, tranquil desert and the sparkling sea

With the development of organized tourism in Tunisia only dating back a few decades, this fascinating country with 17 national parks protecting more than 256,991 hectares, beautiful medinas (old Arabic cities), and Berber traditions is still wildly under the radar for foreigners. 

Tunisia has always been a hospitable country. Throughout its history, it has welcomed Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs Ottomans and Andalusians, compiling more than thirty centuries of diverse art and architecture. A colorful mixture of culture is evident through the Medina minarets, the Haussmannian buildings of the capital, the Roman villas of Carthage or the Andalusian domes in Testour, all taking you on a journey back in time. 

With a coastline spanning more than 1,200 km and an impressive road network linking all the small villages and mountain trails, Tunisia is still a well-kept secret as an adventure tourism mecca. Whether you come to bike or hike in Boukornine National park and Jebel Ressas, birdwatch in Chebedda and in Tunis South Lake, or get your beach fix parasailing over the Borj Cedria nautical base or on Djerba Island, Tunisia offers enough diversity in both stunning landscapes and adventure activities to keep you happily exploring for weeks. With over 800 hotels, plus guest houses and memorable stays in the south in cave dwellings (called ksour which means “castle” in Arabic), Tunisia is excited and ready to receive you.

Why choose Tunisia?

  • Diverse natural beauty
    • North/north-eastern part, Atlas Mountain range up to 1,544m, mostly covered by forest protruding into the sea, fertile plains along the coast
  • Living traditions: festivals and traditions, some of them declared Immaterial Heritage by UNESCO, traditional agriculture of wine, olive oil, almonds, and culinary traditions, preserved medieval villages, old monasteries, and ancient archaeological sites.
  • In the south, northern reaches of the Sahara Desert.
  • 1,300 km of coastline, in the north occupied by industrial zones and big cities, fishing ports, vast swamps on Gabes Gulf; and in the south little developed with desert foothills.
  • Broadening coastal plain “The Sahel” in central eastern Tunisia is among the world´s premier areas for olive cultivation, and other agriculture like pomegranates, wine, and dates.
  • Matmata – Berber culture and heritage with troglodyte homes dug into the rocks and hidden passageways.
  • There might be hiking trails and climbing sites but rarely with signage and official information available offline and online.
  • Rich cultural heritage: Roman or Phoenician buildings or ruins (e.g. City of Dougga, Makthar), influence of Islamic architecture.
  • Living traditions, traditional oriental cuisine, local handicrafts (pottery, carpets, traditional handcrafts).

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Check out these regions in Tunisia

Medenine governorate

This intriguing part of the country stretches from the Djerba coastline to the Dahar mountains, and like Gabes is also known for its rich Berber heritage.

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Ben Arous Governorate

Having such a privileged coastal location, water sports were always the main adventure draw in this northern Tunisia destination. But with Djebel Ressas and Boukornine National Park also located here, land exploration by foot or bike to experience the diverse flora and fauna has become popular recently.

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Gabes governorate

Head to this region of southeast Tunisia to experience firsthand the fascinating Berber culture, picturesque Berber villages and the Toujane valley.

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